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  • Floral & Botanical YIN YANG 71

  • Flower Animated Cherry Blossom

  • Summer World Travel Artistic

  • Fresh Spring Sport Modern IN39



    "Floral & Botanical YIN YANG 71"

    "Flower Animated Cherry Blossom"

    "Summer World Travel Artistic"

    "Health & Fitness Yin Yang IN70"

    "Health & Fitness Tracker IN69"

    "Summer Vibes Beach Vacation"

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  • Rob

    Model: "Happy Valentine I love you"

    So cute and sweet valenthine's theme, unique gyro. I love it

  • Stev

    Model: "Inspire11 | Luxury Analog Face"

    This is so cool, Unique! Sharp graphic and clarity is just amazing.Thank you

  • Brent

    Model: "Master Dream"

    Wauuu, Trully Amazing, Fire animation is outstanding, I live it so much. Thank you Inspire

  • Joe Art

    Model: "Inspire 192"

    Best LED Digital Watchface i have ever seen, SuperB Thank you so much.

  • Michael

    Model: "Inspire | Majesty 2"

    Thank you very much!

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BEST DESIGNER - Hybrid Style

Milos Fedak

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